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Banski Hiphop


Banski is a hiphop artist/songwriter from Santa Rosa, Northern California. He’s been crafting songs since junior year of High School and released two albums while a part of a group during this time and later released a solo mixtape called, ‘Nomadic Psychology.’ Being located only an hour away and in the largest city north of San Francisco, Banski’s musical direction in hiphop has been largely influenced by Bay Area vibes. Banski’s music is like a house party with Mac Dre, 2pac, and Hieroglyphics. Shortly after graduation, Banski broke away from the group roots and became a solo artist. During 2007-2010, Banski and local producer, Louski the Antidote, collaborated on the first official Banski solo album, ‘Said N’ Done’, released in May 2010. Shortly thereafter, much focus was put into graduating from college. In 2013, Banski graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in accounting and became a public accounting professional, moved out into his own place for the first time, and got married – all in the same year. While Banski’s accounting profession took off, music was never forgotten. Several new songs were released, freestyles and shows were performed and recorded during this time period, but not much. In January of 2017, Banski burst back onto the local hiphop scene with his freestyle video on ‘2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted’ beat, which was highly acclaimed and well-received with praise by all fans of hip-hop. This was followed up by a fire freestyle (w/video) on the Grindin – Clipse instrumental in March, and an original single, ‘Influenced’, released in April produced by Louski the Antidote. By this time, was launched and in full swing, an online hub for everything Banski, including a blog where Banski connects with his fanbase. When are your new projects coming out? This year, in 2017, before it ends, there will be a new Banski album released and made available everywhere. I want to make music videos, so there will be accompanying videos for some of these records too.

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