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Banski Hiphop

Banski Hiphop

Check out the latest music video from Banski, ‘Rhythm of Life:

Watch ‘Sunny View’ – NEW music video from new album, ‘Rhythm of the Son.’


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Welcome to the official Banski web site – make yourself at home.  I’m an emcee living in Santa Rosa, California – the largest city north of San Francisco – in Sonoma County, Wine Country.  Hiphop can be used to positively influence, uplift, and educate listeners with a beneficial message, as well as an experience of healthy self-expression, art and conversation.  I’m a fan of flow, wordsmithing art and fell in love with the music making process.  The purpose of this site is to better connect with my fanbase and communicate with like-minded individuals and catalogue one man’s journey in hip hop.  Feel free to leave a note somewhere and say whattup!   Thanks for stopping by BanskiHipHop.com.  Hope to see you here again soon.  peace.



Watch:  Influenced (prod. Louski the Antidote)


Grindin’ remix on the classic Clipse joint:




2pac’s 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted instrumental (remix):




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