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What’s good!  My name is Banski, welcome to my official home on the web.  I’m an emcee coming out of Santa Rosa, California – the largest city north of San Francisco – in Sonoma County, Wine Country.  I believe hiphop is my generation’s culture and its music can be used to positively influence and educate listeners with a benefitial message, as well as experience of healthy self-expression, art and conversation.  I love to inspire people with my art work, creating  records of timeless communication.  Listen to a sample of some Banski hiphop below and download the songs for free as my way to thank you for visiting BanskiHiphop.com.  


My parents listened to Motown music and old school jammies, and I naturally became a fan as well.  But they also were bumpin Lighter Shade Of Brown – On A Sunday Afternoon, Tag Team’s Whoomp There It Is,  and of course Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight.  I would listen and learn the words to these songs from the back seat as a kid.  My older brother and older cousins introduced me to classic ’90s hiphop music at an early age, such as 2pac, Biggie,  Mac Dre, etc.    I’m a fan of the artcraft of wordsmithing and flow, and fell in love with the music making process.  The purpose of this site is to better connect with my fanbase and communicate with like-minded individuals.  I will catalogue one man’s journey into the hip hop industry, creating music for the masses.  Feel free to leave a note somewhere and say whattup!  This entire site is currently under ongoing construction, and will be continously updated. Thanks for stopping by BanskiHipHop.com.  Hope to catch you here again soon, peace.



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